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D Blends
Primary D - Tends to be decisive, direct, and focused on the bottom line.
D/C Pattern - Tends to be aggressive in their reach for perfection.
D/I Pattern - Tends to be self-confident, independent, and diligent.
D = I Pattern - Tends to be charming, verbose, and persuasive.
I Blends
Primary I - Tends to be enthusiastic and friendly.
I/C Pattern - Strives to succeed with flair and style
I/D Pattern -Tends to be enthusiastic and verbose.
I/S Pattern - Tends to be approachable, affectionate and understanding.
S Blends
Primary S or S/C - Tend to be supportive and accommodating.
S/D Pattern - Tends to be intense and industrious.
S/I Pattern - Tends to be friendly and attentive to people and tasks.
S/C/D Pattern - Tends to be logical and tenacious.
C Blends
Primary C - Tends to be thorough and well prepared, with a high attention to detail.
C = S Pattern - Equally concerned with doing things right & maintaining a harmonious environment.
C/S/D Pattern - Tends to be generally reliable and methodical.
C/S/I Pattern - Tends to be generally talented in a specific area and knowledgeable in many.
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Secular Applications - Famous leaders who demonstrate each of the DI SC leadership styles.
Allied High Command WWII - Overview of the American leadership of Allied High Command
Desert Storm - A mix of leadership reflecting a balance among the D ISC styles
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