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Special Offers!

Ken VogesTwo Special Offers!

In His Grace, Inc., for a limited time, is offering a free DISCovering Your Spiritual Gifts with selected orders.

Every Christian has been given at least one spiritual gift, yet too often many Christians are unaware of what their gift or gifts may be and how they can use their gifts for the building up of the body of Christ.

DISCovering Your Spiritual Gifts is a  12 page assessment written by Dr. Gene Wilkes the author of Jesus on Leadership. This product is the “stand alone” assessment used in the Understanding How Others Misunderstand You workbook. Along with assessing ones spiritual gift, Dr. Wilkes defines each gift and associates it with a corresponding body part as introduced by Paul in I Corinthians 12. The assessment has a worksheet which can be used as a data base to determine an individual’s place in ministry. (IHG-104)

Offer #1: DISCovering the Leadership Styles of Jesus

Offer1Each chapter of DISCovering the Leadership Styles of Jesus profiles famous leaders who made a dynamic impact on the world and shows how their personality styles were well suited to meet significant events in our global history.

Every chapter then shows how Jesus used the same personality styles in events that shaped our Christian heritage. (IHG-7777)
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Offer #2: Understanding How Others Misunderstand You Workbook

Offer2The Understanding How Others Misunderstand You Workbook is a companion piece to the book. It contains 4 DISC surveys, a Spiritual Gifts assessment, and a Role Assessment along with 13 sessions examining the profiles of positive Biblical characters. Also included in this new , revised printing is a Love Language inventory. Particular focus is in discovering the unique Biblical environments used by the Lord in loving, Paul, Peter, Abraham and Moses, who represent each of the specific DISC styles. (M-202)
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