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S/D Pattern

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High S/D Pattern

The S/D pattern tends to be intense and industrious. S/Ds are driven to achieve concrete results. However, they are frequently too focused on their personal goals to the detriment of any group goals.

Personal Drive

Diligence in taking ownership of tasks; industrious

Personal Giftedness

Follow-through in completing tasks

Group Giftedness

Strong administrative skills

Internal Fear

Noncompliance to their standards

Overextended Strengths

Tends to be too direct, blunt, and demanding

Under Stress

Becomes frustrated and intense; impatiently takes charge

Interpersonal Misunderstandings

Seemingly unaware that relationships are as important as tasks

Potential Developmental Opportunities

Being sensitive to people issues over tasks

Best Team Members

I/D, D=I, I, I/C, I/S, C/S, C/S/D

How to Respond Be direct 

D   I   S    C

How to Reinforce Time to react

Be non threatening

Primary High S/I  Pattern

Time to process

Be logical

Offer support

Focus on activities

Offer encouragement



How to Relate

How to Help

Be brief

Get out of the way

Use friendly tones

Give assurances

Give accurate data

Respect privacy

Allow for some non-structure

Be flexible


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