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Our Products

We offer a number of products – in addition to our professional consulting and biblical training services – to meet a variety of needs.

Below are thumbnail images of our ministry and corporate products and a very short explanation about each product. Click on the image to find out more detail.

Understanding How Others Misunderstand You - The Book

Ken Voges and Ron Braund elaborate on their system of behavior and personality classification which is designed to help people understand their own traits and those of others with whom they must relate in the interest of getting along in Christian love. (M-201)

Understanding How Others Misunderstand You - The Workbook

The workbook complements the book by offering 13 interactive exercises; one for each chapter in the book. It also includes 4 DISC assessments, a Spiritual Gifts inventory and role assessment plus 6 additional exercises. Also included in this revised workbook is a Love Language inventory. The major focus of the workbook is on Biblical case studies on how the Lord built unique relationships with Paul (D), Peter (I), Abraham (S) and Moses (C). (M-202)

Using the renowned DISC personality style system, Ken teams with Mike Kempainen to show how the diversity of Jesus’ leadership styles can help you become a more dynamic and effective leader. (IHG-777)

Biblical Personal Profile

The Biblical Personal Profile is the first product to associate scripture characters with the DISC model of behavior. The BPP is a “most/least” assessment, which offers the participant a three graph view of  his/her behavior. Also, each of the 15 Classical Patterns is associated with positive Biblical characters. (C-147)

Adult DISC Survey

The four color Relationship Survey is a stand alone product which includes one DISC assessment and one Love Language inventory. The Relationship Survey is an excellent tool for premarital and marriage counseling, marriage enrichment retreats and Sunday School classes on intimate relationships. (IHG-102)

Youth DISC Survey

The Youth DISC Love Language and Learning Style Survey has three assessments that measures a students behavior style along with his/her hemispheric thinking process and unique learning styles. This four-color tool is ideal for in parenting or student/teacher applications. (IHG-101)

PowerPoint Presentation CD

This CD includes over 15 individual PowerPoint™ presentations for use with the UHOMY workbook. It also includes stand alone presentations for the DISC Surveys and Spiritual Gifts Assessment. (M-203)

Children's DISC Survey

The Children’s DISC Survey is designed for students in grades 3-7. Choosing pictures rather than words does the selection process. Along with measuring a behavior profile, a student is able to assess his/her learning style. An exercise is also included so as to allow students an opportunity to tell parents or teachers how they learn. (IHG-103)

DISCovering Your Spiritual Gifts

DISCovering Your Spiritual Gifts is the “stand-alone” assessment written by Dr. Gene Wilkes, the author of Jesus on Leadership. This product provides information on participant’s Spiritual Gifts and is included in the workbook, Understanding How Others Misunderstand You. (IHG-104)

The DISC Role Assessment is a companion tool designed to understand the critical skills need for a specific role. The Role Profile can be compared to individual candidate profiles to determine compatibility and areas of stretch and development.

Personal Profile System

The Personal Profile System is Inscape Publishing’s flagship DISC assessment, which measures a participant’s behavior on three graphs. The PPS is a 20 page “most/least” product, which results in identifying 15 unique blends of DISC behavior. Also the tally box scores can be used to product a personalized computer report.  (C-128)

DISC Alive!

DISC Alive is a series of video presentations visually illustrating the uniqueness of the DISC styles. Case studies and workshop exercises make this a valuable tool for Human Resource consultant offer team building seminars. (D-229)

Personal Profile System for Windows

The Personal Profile System for Windows is a companion product to the Personal Profile System by creating personalized reports on employees’ managing styles, how to manage them, their sales styles and how to build a relationship with them. (W-220)


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