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I/S Pattern

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Primary I / S Pattern

The I/S pattern tends to be approachable, affectionate and understanding. This personality type functions best in a stable environment. However, they can be overly flexible and too trusting.

Personal Drive

Maintaining peace and harmony

Personal Giftedness

Seeing the potential in people in spite of their flaws

Group Giftedness

Constantly affirming and encouraging others

Internal Fear

Disappointing friends, experiencing disharmony

Overextended Strengths

Being too tolerant and trusting

Under Stress

Becomes overly accommodating to maintain relationships

Interpersonal Misunderstandings

Determining when a situation is too abusive

Potential Developmental Opportunities

Being more objective about people and situations

Best Team Members

D/C, C/D, S/C/D

How to Respond Be friendly 

D   I   S    C

How to Reinforce Allow for social recognition

Be non threatening

Primary High I/SC Pattern

Time to process

Non verbal assurances

Time to react

Allow time to process

Offer encouragement



How to Relate

How to Help

Freedom to express feelings

Allow for verbal expression

Use friendly tones

Give assurances

Non-verbal assurances

Offer verbal assurances

Allow for some non-structure

Be flexible


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