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I/C Pattern

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Primary I/C Pattern

The I/C pattern strives to succeed with flair and style but desires that others be a part of any success achieved.  However, they can be authoritative and sometimes allow their emotions to guide their actions.

Personal Drive

Being innovative with flair and committed to excellence

Personal Giftedness

Working through people and having fun

Group Giftedness

Inspiring people to be excited about working together and enjoying it

Internal Fear

Coming under public criticism, made to look bad before peers

Overextended Strengths

Becomes emotionally assertive, competitive, and sometimes reckless

Under Stress

Becomes impatient, critical, and emotionally tense

Interpersonal Misunderstandings

Being rational when under emotional stress

Potential Developmental Opportunities

Controlling mood swings, being more tolerant of the “shoulds” and “should nots”

Best Team Members

S/C, S/C/D, C/S, I/S

How to Respond – Be friendly 

D   I   S    C

How to Reinforce – Allow for social recognition

Be specific

Primary High I /C Pattern

Freedom to validate

Allow time to process

Time to react

Focus on activities

Allow for some control



How to Relate –

How to Help –

Freedom to express feelings

Allow for verbal expression

Offer patient answers

Allow for “alone time”

Give nonverbal assurances

Project affirming body language

Allow for variety

Allow for spontaneity


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