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DISC On-Line!

Welcome to In His Grace’s On-Line DISC Assessment.

We offer three types of on-line assessments, each of which takes only about ten minutes to complete:

  1. The Word Assessment is a selection of 28 sets of words designed to determine your personal behavior style. (Most people prefer this format.)
  2. The Phrase Assessment is similar in function but has 28 sets of phrases rather than individual words. Some people find this format more understandable.
  3. The Role Behavior Analysis is an assessment which focuses on a role or job, not a person.

Click on the Assessment you wish to take and then enter the appropriate access code to begin.

Once you complete your assessment, the tally scores are automatically sent to In His Grace, Inc.

You have the option of ordering complete 20 – 30 page personalized reports or simply requesting the one page overview. To order your personalized reports, go to Personal Profile Software Reports and follow the direction there.

Personal Profile System-Word Assessment

Personal Profile System-Phrase Assessment

Role Behavior Analysis

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Ken R. Voges


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