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DISC Definitions

Dominant Works toward achieving goals and results.

Influencer Works toward relating to people through verbal
Steady     Works toward supporting and cooperating with
Cautious Works toward doing things right and focus on

Dominant - The Lion

Lion Among the most powerful of the cat family. Tends to roar when angry or announcing possession of its territory. Is very comfortable in an aggressive environment.

Influencing - The Otter

Otter Among the most playful and sociable animals on earth. Tends to be quite active and noisy, particularly in groups. Is most often observed creating a fun environment with other otters.

Steadiness - The Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Among the most loyal, stable of domestic animals. Tends to be friendly, reliable and trustworthy. Can be very protective of family members. Is most comfortable in a safe, stable environment.

Compliance/Cautious - The Beaver

Beaver Among the most intelligent of all the mammals in efficiency and technical skills in organizing its domain. Instinctively, a beaver is gifted at solving the most difficult technical problems in building and construction of things.. Is very comfortable working alone or in very small groups.


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