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D/I Pattern

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High D/I Pattern

The D/I patterned person tends to be self-confident, independent, and diligent.  This personality type functions best in a competitive, challenging environment. People with this pattern are typically authoritative and direct.  They usually lack patience and find it difficult to work in teams.

Personal Drive

Strength of character, gets results

Personal Giftedness

Flexible; self-motivated; takes charge aggressively

Group Giftedness

Acts as catalyst to carry difficult assignments

Internal Fear

Lack of urgency in moving ahead to accomplish a goal

Overextended Strengths

Pushes for action when patience is a better option

Under Stress

Becomes emotionally reactive and demands action

Interpersonal Misunderstandings

Seeing where their actions contribute to negative consequences

Potential Developmental Opportunities

Not manipulating people and circumstances; not striking out against others

Best Team Members

S/C, S/C/D, S/I, C/S

How to Respond Be direct

D   I   S    C

How to Reinforce Get to the bottom line

Be friendly 

Primary High D /I Pattern

Social Recognition

Focus on actions

Allow for control

Focus on activities

Offer encouragement



How to Relate

How to Help

Be brief

Get out of the way

Freedom to express feelings

Allow for verbal exchange

Allow for change in direction

Allow for spontaneity

Allow for non-structure

Be flexible


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