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C = S Pattern

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High C = S Pattern

The C=S patterned person is equally concerned with doing things right and maintaining a harmonious environment.  C=S individuals are most comfortable in an environment of that is free of unannounced changes and surprises. They prefer to process information before making a decision but once committed, they can be counted to follow-through.

Personal Drive

Critical thinking, being cooperative, validating data

Personal Giftedness

Team player, good at follow-through, commitment to quality and order

Group Giftedness

Maintains traditions, adapting to those in authority

Internal Fear

Surprises and illogical thinking

Overextended Strengths

Questions all data for accuracy and flaws

Under Stress

Introspective and overly concerned with “what if” issues

Interpersonal Misunderstandings

Being preoccupied with having to resolve every experience logically

Potential Developmental Opportunities

Talking about negative thoughts and feelings

Best Team Members

I, I/C, D/I, I/S, I/S/C, S/C

How to Respond –
Be specific 

D   I   S    C

How to Reinforce – Freedom to validate

Allow time to process

Primary High C=S Pattern

Allow for some variety

Be non threatening

Time to process

Be logical

Time to react



How to Relate –

How to Help –

Give patient answer to questions

Allow for “alone time”

Give nonverbal assurances

Project affirming body language

Use friendly tones

Respect privacy

Allow for some variety

Offer assurances


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