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Business Instruments

Click here to orderThe Personal Profile System  is a  20 page,  “most/least” DISC instrument first published in 1977 by Performax Systems International. Authored by Dr. John Geier, it is currently the flagship product published by Inscape Publishing and marketed by authorized, independent consultants. Translated into over 15 languages, it is used through out the world as a valid tool in understanding human behavior. The instrument features a one page, forced choice assessment which results in profiling ones behavior on 3 graphs. The information is self–interpreting and can be used in various setting in understanding human behavior issues. (C-128)

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DISC Alive! Dimensions of Behavior is a simple, reliable, and nonjudgmental way to help foster understanding, cooperation, acceptance and trust - the keys to performance in today's diverse, team-oriented workplace. Now, you can enhance your training with DISC Alive!, an informative and entertaining, 50-minute video that brings the the DiSC Dimensions of Behavior to life. Includes Viewers guide. (D-229)

Click here to orderThe Personal Profile System for Windows is the computer version 2800 paper instrument.  This comprehensive software provides individuals and teams with detailed  personalized information to help apply the DISC behavior information in a variety of applications. Reports include general characteristics, how to manage, how one manages, how to build a relationship and sales styles. Additional reports can be written to benchmarking specific roles along with comparing individual styles with roles. Finally, reports can be written to determine the chemistry between styles on a team. Reports vary from 3 pages  to 50 pages and can be personalized to the desired needs of each customer. (W-220)


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