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Business FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions we are asked about our products. Should you have further questions, do not hesitate to either call us or contact us.

How was DISC model developed?

William Marston, a Harvard professor, published the first book on the DISC behavior model in 1928. It was called the  “Emotion of Normal People”. Since then, numerous companies have popularized the model among others Inscape Publishing and Target Training International. DISC has become one of the more popular universal observable behavior models in world today.

Is there a best style?

No. Each style has its own strengths, limitations and blind spots. When one style is missing in a team, the team commonly will, over time, fall into dysfunction.

Are there styles that are incompatible?

Any styles can become hopelessly incompatible or learn to become intimately compatible. Respect of difference and commitment to meeting the needs of others has the best chance of being compatible. Maintaining a selfish position by one or both parties will generally lead to irreconcilable differences. The later requires less work but is the most painful the former the most work and most fulfilling.

Is there an abnormal DISC profile?

No. The instruments measure normal needs behavior with an insight into strengths and motivational strategies.

How can you profile people from history or the Bible?

Remember, the DISC model of behavior is based on observable traits on four distinct continuums. If one has a valid historical record of a person’s behavior he or she can be profile with some degree of accuracy.

What is the breakdown of the four DISC styles?

Several behavior companies have attempted to arrive at percentages that are different. However, the statistics indicate the largest style to be the “S” which represents around 35-40% of the population. Next is the  “I” with between 25-30%. Next are the D’s and C’s each representing between 15 to 20%.


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