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Biblical Training

In His Grace, Inc. provides certification training for individuals desirous of wanting to know more about applying human behavior models for personal edification, church or professional applications. Certification can be completed through a one day training course either offsite or in a bed and breakfast format in the Voges’ home.

Biblical Training

Features of DISC Biblical training:

Biblical training offsite – Training is generally done at a church location in conjunction with either a staff/elder/deacon team building seminar or a marriage enrichment retreat. Participant are required to participate in the seminar and to attend a private debriefing session focusing on future presentation strategies.

Biblical training in Bed & Breakfast format – Training is done in the Voges home which includes small group presentations. The information covered is similar to the offsite training but in more informal personal setting.

Benefit of DISC Biblical training:

Completion of this training results in an associate relationship with Ken Voges and allows the participant to purchase IHG products at wholesale.

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