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Ken VogesIn His Grace, Inc. was founded in 1984 by Ken Voges and exists to serve the Lord by providing believers and the Church with behavioral tools and training which assists in fulfilling the commandment to “Love one another.” In His Grace is committed to training pastors and lay leaders through the use of the Biblical Personal Profile, DISC Surveys, Spiritual Gifts Assessment and the Understanding How Others Misunderstand You products.

Ken Voges is the original author of the Biblical Personal Profile which associates Biblical Characters with the DISC model of behavior. This product, first published in 1985 by Performax Systems International, remains in print through Inscape Publishing. Information found in the Biblical Personal Profile remains the cornerstone resource for other products in integrating DISC profiles with Biblical characters. Subsequent  works by Ken Voges include the Understanding How Others Misunderstand You book (Moody Press) and workbook (In His Grace Publishing) which serves as a 13 week course in building Biblical relationships.

Since 1984, Ken Voges has held the position of Field Manager for Inscape Publishing [formerly Carlson Learning Company].  Through his relationship with Inscape Publishing, In His Grace, Inc. is able to provide internationally recognized human resource products to the secular market. Among the products available to secular customers are the Personal Profile System, Role Assessments and Personal Profile System for Windows.  IHG Consulting Services also provides human resource services to clients through the use of personalized computer reports on employers, employees and job roles. Ken Voges has provided independent HR services to Fortune 500 companies including General Electric, Texaco, Siemens and Union Carbide along with other small accounts. IHG also markets and publishes products for the educational markets. Products include Relationship, Youth and Children’s Learning Style Assessments.

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